Innovative Community Participation - services

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Encouraging the health of the community extends beyond the well-being of the individual.

The Innovative Community Participation NDIS recognises the importance of inclusive activities that support development that is well-rounded and general health. Purple Support is committed to creating NDIS community engagement activities that are inclusive and empower people of all abilities.Our commitment is predicated on fostering a welcoming environment where individuals are able to succeed. We hope to improve the community's general quality of life by encouraging proactive participation in a range of events.

Services Included In Innovative Community Participation

  • Skill Development Workshops
  • Health and Well-being
  • Life Skills Training
  • Career Development Programs
  • Accessible Transport Services
  • Access to Resources

Advantages of Innovative Community Participation

  • The Innovative Community Participation NDIS programme places immense value on creating and executing inclusive activities that serve people of all abilities.
  • Individuals can create and strengthen their social networks—which can result in enduring friendships and support systems—by taking part in NDIS community participation activities.
  • Participants are empowered to develop new skills and improve their current ones through the NDIS social and community participation activities.

What Sets Us Apart

  • To ensure inclusivity for people of different abilities and backgrounds, Purple Support specialises in providing tailored social and community participation NDIS programmes.
  • Purple Support's Innovative Community Participation programmes are tailored to suit a range of schedules and interests, with a focus on flexibility.
  • Through Purple Support's Innovative Community Participation NDIS initiatives, which are tailored to meet individual requirements and promote development, take advantage of chances for personalised growth.

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