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At Purple Support, we understand how difficult the shift to life after school can be. This is where our SLES NDIS support comes in to help.

Purple Support has been one of the leading SLES NDIS providers, offering a strategic approach to building fundamental skills and preparing you for employment success. We assist you in determining what potential employment chances are accessible as well as which prospects are most suitable for you. We are experts in providing NDIS employment support, working with you on career recommendations, counselling, and skill development to prepare you for life beyond school.

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SLES NDIS support may include:

  • Training and mentoring
  • Identifying skills and interests
  • Résumé préparation
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Interview skills training
  • Time management
  • Travel planning

Why has NDIS School Leaver Employment Support become so important?

Entering a new job or taking on new responsibilities without adequate preparation can feel challenging and stressful. NDIS School Leavers Employment Supports help individuals transition smoothly from school to the workforce, setting them up for success. Through SLES NDIS support, we ensure you're equipped and guided not only for your new role but also for all related aspects. 

NDIS Fund Support for School Leavers Employment, provides crucial financial assistance, ensuring a seamless transition to post-school life and maximising your opportunities for growth.

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